Bible Fan Gallery

Featuring photos of cherished Bibles from readers and fans of the Bible.

Jerry from New Mexico. One of Ten Kindle books he uses for Dr. Grant Horner's Bible Reading Plan.

Vinnie from Pennsylvania features his Harper Collins Study Bible.

Randy from StudiesinScripture: KJV Notetaker's Bible from Local Church Publishers.

Karen's NIV Ryrie Study Bible Expanded edition in burgundy leather with home applied art-gilt pages (not recommended) and beautiful pen and ink drawings made in the margins by the owner.

Randy's Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Wide Margin in Black French Morocco (thumb indexed).

Nathan's Cambridge NKJV Wide Margin and Pitt Minion.

Lucinda's KJV Large Print Wide Margin Bible printed by Hendrickson Bibles.

Sarah's carrying Bible: a well loved Crossway Compact ESV.