Monday, April 2, 2018

Book Giveaway Celebrating Our Move

 Bible Reading Project is moving on! I have finally decided to retire this blog and move all of my blogging, podcasting, etc. to one place:

To celebrate the move, I will be hosting some giveaways over at I hope you head over there, subscribe to the blog, and enter the giveaway.

Here's what we're giving away right now:
We are giving away some great books on the blog this month! Here's what they are. MIRACLES VOLUME 1 & 2 by Craig Keener in hardcover. Amazon

Image result for miracles craig keener

NO PLACE LEFT: HASTENING by Steve Smith in paperback Amazon 

Image result for no place left by steve smith

THE PEOPLE'S BOOK: THE REFORMATION AND THE BIBLE in paperback. Amazon Image result for the peoples book the reformation

 That's almost $90 in books!