Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My 2018 Bible Reading Plan

I have already started my 2018 reading plan.

The Cornerstone Plan

I'm building on habits I formed previously by continuing to follow the Cornerstone Reading Plan. I'm starting in John and reading portions of chapters of the Gospels each day rather than whole chapters, so I can take more extensive notes. I'm starting the Apostles section in Romans and the Prophets section in Ezekiel before cycling back around to Genesis. I'm starting in Ezekiel because of an extensive study of Isaiah and the Minor Prophets this year.

Gospels: One section (10-20 verses) starting in John 1
Apostles (Epistles): One chapter starting in Romans
Prophets (OT): Two chapters starting in Ezekiel

The Edition

Last year I received an Interleaved ESV Journaling Bible in leather for Christmas. I was stunned by how nice it is. Almost too nice to write in. Almost.

I am taking notes on the blank pages in this edition during my reading through the Gospels.

My notes have a simple structure: Date, Reference, notes. I'm left with plenty of space to add notes later and see what I learn over the years.

The Notebook

I'm taking notes on the rest of my reading in my notebook. I have similar format:
At least one note on what I read (even if it's obvious).
A summary of simple applications from all of my readings in a What is God Saying? section.


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