Friday, May 5, 2017

Back to my Notebook

This year I moved from taking notes in my margins back to my taking notes in a notebook. This week, I finished the notebook I started in January. I'm following The Cornerstone Reading Plan: 2 Chapters in the Old Testament starting in Genesis 1 Chapter in the Old Testament starting in Psalms. 1 Chapter in the Epistles and 1 Chapter in The Gospels/Acts (although I'm mixing that up with a Gospel Harmony study).

My notebook entries include the date, the chapters I'm reading and notes on each chapter. I follow a general rule that I have to write something down about each chapter even if it's obvious. I don't always do a good job with this, but it helps me slow down.

I usually do a verse by verse or topical study along with this and am memorizing First John. It's a lot, but I'm full time and need to give myself to the Word and prayer (Acts 6:4)

I have four months of notes in one notebook. I'm excited to start another. I'm not done taking notes in my Bible, but I will save that for another post.

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  1. Is that a large moleskine journal? Sounds like a good plan...