Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Three Movement Leaders and the Word of God

I was helping my friend Daniel train laborers heading to Indonesia last week, and I was struck my a story he told about a movement leader in Southeast Asia.

Mike Shipman (author of Any-3) came to a crisis point in ministry. He responded by memorizing the Book of Acts.

This story is stunning because of the example of discipline, but also because it reminded me of two other movement leaders and their stories. Jeff Sundell is one of the leaders in T4T movements in Asia. He came to a crisis point and stopped reading any books, scrapped all his plans and started reading the Gospels and Acts 30 times per year. David Watson is one of the movement pioneers in DMM movements around the world. He came to a crisis point and told God that he wouldn't read or watch anything for a year--He would only read the Bible.

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