Friday, December 30, 2016

His Faithfulness (January 2017 Newsletter)

As I look back at 2016 I am immensely grateful for God’s faithfulness and steadfast love. He is truly Emmanuel, the God who is with us. 2016 contained some of the greatest challenges and greatest joys of my life. God has answered big and small prayers and shown Himself faithful again and again.
  In 2016 Hamtramck became the first U.S. city to elect a majority Muslim city council. This corresponds with the Muslim majority population. Of the estimated 25,000 people in Hamtramck most practice Islam and come from restricted nations in South Asia and the Middle East. Now they are here in the U.S. where they are free to practice their faith and free to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. I believe that Hamtramck is directly in the center of what God is most interested. There are cries coming from this city and God is using us to answer them with the blessed hope of Jesus Christ who came to save us from our sins. We are His hands and feet reaching out to our neighbors who are in need of His grace, His forgiveness, His power, and His love in their lives. Your prayers and support are with me here as I search for the treasure of God’s heart—His people.
decmap One of my greatest prayers in 2016 was that God would give me co-laborers and teammates. God went above and beyond my expectations in answering those prayers. I’m excited at working in community in 2017—in evangelism, in discipleship, and in life.
  The map above shows the progress made in door to door evangelism. I have so many stories from passing out Jesus Films and inviting people to learn more about Jesus. I still hear back from friends of friends who have watched a film they received and how it impacted them. A number of people from different religious backgrounds made professions of faith in Christ’s death, resurrection, and Lordship this year. The kingdom of God is advancing.
  I also am privileged to be a part of a number of other laborers ministries in other states and other nations. Through training, prayer, and support I’ve helped others advance the kingdom across the U.S. and in Russia and Kazakhstan.
  I am excited about the momentum leading into the New Year, already there are new opportunities to work on teams to reach refugees, start new ESL Bible studies, grow in healthy churches and see God’s kingdom advance in Hamtramck.
  Thank you so much for your prayers and support. You can find more testimonies and resources at You can also find information about how to financially support the work in Hamtramck. The very best is yet to come!
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