Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Memorizing First John in One Year

This year I set my first ever memorization goal. I have struggled with Bible memorization since I first gave my life to Jesus. For most of my Christian life I gave up on intentional memorization and just decided to surround and saturate myself with Scripture, hoping that certain verses would stick.

A number of projects on this website were part of this approach, and it honestly worked fairly well. Reading ten chapters per day, listening to audio sermons consistently, reading books that quoted Scripture, writing articles and essays based on Scripture, leading Bible Studies, preaching, and ministry in general saturated my mind with Scripture. I ended up memorizing many verses including the references just because of constant use.

This year, I am adding intentional memorization to my goals. I have given myself the whole year to memorize the First Epistle of John. I am about four months in, and I am steadily spending time each day memorizing the book.

Are my methods effective? I will honestly have to wait until the end of the year to be sure. I know I did not choose the most effective method. I wanted to use this method:

Unfortunately this approach focuses on such small amounts that it actually requires more discipline for me. I struggled to stay interested. I decided to add another memorization habit to my life first. I took habits I already had and added to them.

  • I take a shower everyday
  • I love listening to the audio Bible with film scores behind it
I decided that everyday I would listen to one chapter of First John on a loop while I was in the shower. I recite the chapter out loud along with the audio Bible for as long as I'm in the shower (or longer in I feel like it).

I listen to and recite the same chapter in the shower everyday for one month. Then I move on to the next chapter. It is April, so I am reciting 1 John 4. Next month I will recite 1 John 5. In June I will start to writing out and reciting First John One from memory (I actually have this chapter down really well; it's the shortest). This will mean adding an additional habit, but I intend to keep the shower recitation going.

Have you memorized long passages of Scripture? What method did you use?

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  1. For memorizing longer passages I use the Remember Me Bible Memory app for Android and iPhone/iPad devices (www.remem.me). Games, quizzes, audio and an intelligent reviewing system make memorizing a breeze for the whole family. That's why it's part of Google Play for Families.