Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What Does the Bible Say About Money?

Life has been full of Bible reading projects for the last year or so, but I have been selfishly holding out on my readers. I'm going to try to do better.

About a week ago I was praying in the shower, and I felt the Lord impress me to ask my brother to do a Bible study with me over Google Hangout. He lives in Philadelphia, and I am here in Detroit. I use video conference often to do Bible studies and train believers to make disciples all over the nation. I felt that I should tell him to pick a topic and that I would study whatever he wanted: a book, a book of the Bible, a topic, whatever.

As we talked, he mentioned that he was trying to save money. He is a computer programmer for a hedge fund and is quite adept at both programming and investing. I mentioned that I was trying to save more money and raise more support as I need a significant increase in my income in order to have a family. It occurred to both of us that we should study money.

We both read the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes this week, highlighting all the verses we found that spoke about money. I used a green highlighter and used a cheap edition of the New Living Translation, which I love for the Old Testament and especially Proverbs. I have been reading proverbs every month along with my reading plan, so this study fit right in. You can see the evangelistic DVD Magdalena stuck in the pages. I used it as a straight edge so that my highlighting wasn't wavy. After I was finished I hopped on BibleGateway and copied and pasted all the verses I highlighted into a Google Doc which my brother, and I will discuss on Google Hangout (this post brought to you by Google . . . just kidding).

My goals for this study are to get quality time with my brother, learn about how to make more money, steward what God gives me better, and raise more support. I really want to honor God as He blesses me with enough income to get married and increase ministry. When I first entered full-time ministry I was super-spiritual about money. I don't regret that because I learned to trust the Lord, seek the Kingdom first, and live with absolute integrity when it came to finances. My first year in full-time ministry I made less than $6500. Since then the Lord has greatly blessed me, and I know that He will bless me more and more as I apply His Word, wisdom, and hard work.

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