Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Year of Transformation has Begun! (January 2014 Newsletter)

This year has already started with far too many testimonies to tell in one newsletter. I am more excited everyday about what God is doing in Hamtramck, Detroit, and the world. My heart explodes with the joy of knowing and serving a God who interacts with His children and pursues them with His whole heart. I can barely keep up with all the ministry opportunities and people who are hungry to hear the Word of God.

I met K______, a young Bengali man, through our ESL tutoring outreach. Immediately we began to tell him about how we would teach using the Injil (The Gospel or New Testament). His eyes grew large in excitement, “Really!” he exclaimed, “Wow!”
We also gave him the Jesus film in his own language explaining that all the words in the movie were from the Injil. He was excited and said he would watch it immediately. The next time we met with him he brought a friend and exclaimed to him how wonderful the Jesus film was and how he needed to watch it. He asked us for more copies so that he could give them to his friends. We shared the story of the creation and how God spoke everything into existence. He was excited about the revelation of how God created everything with His word and that Jesus is the Word of God (the Qu’ran also says this). We began to share about how sin separates us from God but Jesus Christ draws us near through his death and resurrection. K______ said, “Yes, I need this, I have a lot of sin.” When we told him that we had the New Testament in his language he immediately asked for a copy. I could write so much more about what God is doing in K______’s life. Please pray for him. He seems so close to the Kingdom, but he has been taught his whole life that Jesus did not die. Please pray that God would give K______ a supernatural revelation of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

While I was doing my laundry at the Laundromat, I ran into C____. She and her  boyfriend had been greatly impacted by Acts 29 Fellowship a year or so ago, but had fallen back into difficult struggles and disappeared. We prayed consistently for them. They had meant a lot to us and we could see God working in their lives. C____ was happy to see me and as we talked she was gripped with joy and excitement. She told me how she had fallen back into drugs and despair, but how God had miraculously worked, that she was now free from drugs, reunited with her family, and eager to learn how to follow Jesus better. She repeated over and over how she knew God had set it up for us to meet and is eager to have a Bible study at her house.

P____, who came to Christ and was baptized this summer, had run into trouble and violated his parole. He was in jail for a few months, but he was released this month. My co-laborer Andrew had kept regular correspondence with P____, and we were able to talk on the phone a few times. We were excited that he had met another believer in jail and they were reading the Gospel of John and Exodus together. When he was released, Andrew opened up his home and is letting P____ stay there. The transformation in P____’s life is amazing. I taught him a gospel presentation and we went out on the street to share with people. It was an inspiring experience for him. He’s been talking constantly about wanting to serve the Lord and how powerful it would be if he went back to the people he used to do drugs with and shared the Gospel. I have no doubt that God is going to use P____ to shake his neighborhood. Even as I write this P____ is sharing about Jesus with a friend. Please pray that God would continue to bless P____ with zeal and consistency and that he would be protected from the enemy.

What God has already done in the last few weeks has me excited about the powerful things God has in the new year. I’m going to see more people come to Jesus this year then ever before, I’m going to preach more ever before, and I’m going to see God’s power more than ever before. My God is faithful and He is a God of multiplication and increase. I am so blessed to see the Kingdom multiplying throughout my life, transforming me, my brothers in Christ, Hamtramck, and the world.

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