Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Movements Reading Project

Though this blog hasn't featured a deluge of new projects, I have been diligently reading and studying the Bible. In fact, I've been in the middle of one of my most involving Bible reading projects ever. I've been hinting at this project for some time. I started in 2014 (actually I gave myself a head start at the end of 2013), and continued it through my trip to Uganda, which yielded some interesting experiences.

My life and ministry has been consumed by a vision of multiplication. I am fully committed and involved in the principles and practices of Church Planting and Disciplemaking Movements. My constant involvement in this lifestyle and mission has led me to consume the word of God voraciously with the Great Commission (really the only commission) and Church Planting in mind.

Inspired by Steve Addison's What Jesus Started and the example of Jeff Sundell, I committed to read the Gospels and Acts thirty times in 2014. That means I am reading ten chapters per day of just Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. In addition to that, I will be reading the New Testament at least twice, and the Old Testament once. Just writing about it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed.

In my study of the Gospels and Acts I am focusing on six major themes, and diligently taking notes on each subject. Each time I go through a book, I carefully take notes on one of the following:

How did Jesus, the Disciples, the Church, and Paul:

1. See the End (see and cast vision)
2. Connect (with lost people)
3. Share (the gospel)
4. Train (disciples)
5. Gather (and do church)
6. Multiply

These six topics are part of Steve Addison's Movements Diagram, and his missiological study of the Gospels and Acts in What Jesus Started. In a sense, I'm retracing Addison's steps for myself. I've read his book twice, but I won't go back to look at it again until the end of the year. I'll check to see if I missed anything that he found and if my conclusions match his.

I'm extending the study beyond the Gospels and Acts and using the same note scheme on the rest of the Bible. While I'm taking notes on one of the six topics per read-through of the Gospels and Acts, I'm taking notes on all six at once per read-through of the Old Testament and the Epistles. This means a far less thorough study of the other books, but the majority of the Gospels and Acts is evangelism, discipleship, church planting etc. I am surprised at how much I am finding these themes through the rest of the Bible, however.

This project features the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible and 005 Pigma Micron pens. I may write a follow up post on the fruits of this study, but you can see some in the video below along with the vision of Movements and an explanation of the movements diagram.

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