Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review: Love Hunger by David Kyle Foster

David Kyle Foster's autobiography grips the reader with a potent and poignant intimacy from beginning to end. The subtitle, "a harrowing journey from sexual addiction to true fulfillment" is a tame understatement for the story of self-abuse, prostitution, homosexuality, and redemption this book contains. Foster's transparent retelling of trauma, sin, and self-destruction can only be overpowered by his story of receiving the love of God the Father.

Though I could barely put this book down, there were many times I could barely keep reading. Foster writes with an unsettling intimacy, drawing me into a story I could barely handle hearing, yet I so easily recognize. It felt vaguely dangerous. On one hand I was gripped by a familiar pain and shame; remembering the degradation and hopelessness from the small amount of overlap I have with Foster's experience. On the other hand, I want to disengage from the same voyeurism to which our culture is addicted: obsessed with the next story of scandal and promiscuity. Love Hunger is raw and real, harrowing and at times lurid because it is accurate to the material described. The thread of Christ's redemption always stays visible enough to cling to, and along with Foster, the reader is pulled from soul-staining experiences into the healing and restoring love of God.

In the same way that we experience pain after pain and shame after shame through Foster's eyes, he draws us into encounter after encounter with the love of God. He does not describe a process, or even a journey, but a relationship: an ongoing experience with the saving person of Jesus. The book is full of practical insight and wisdom, but that is only a byproduct of the encounter that overflows from its pages. Love Hunger is an encounter with the tragedy of human sin, the beauty of salvation and redemption and God's great love. It is an intensely human story, told in an intensely human way. Perhaps the greatest miracle is the fact that such a story can be told with such integrity and innocence, proof that Foster is not clinging to some claim of a miraculous encounter. He is the miraculous encounter. His encounters with God's love define his story and the way he tells it.

This book contains explicit content some believers may find inappropriate (Eph 5:12).

My thanks to Chosen for providing a complimentary review copy. I have given an honest review.


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  1. A remarkable book for those either caring for or struggling with sexual addiction.