Tuesday, October 8, 2013

His Love Finds Us (October 2013 Newsletter)

“The Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost” – Luke 19:10

One afternoon I felt to call Y___, a man I knew who was struggling with multiple addictions and living on the street. As I heard the phone ring, I prayed that I would reach him and that Jesus would change this man’s life. He answered, and as I spoke to him he was overcome with emotion. The phone call was short but he said that he was coming over to my house soon. When he arrived, he was near tears. He explained that he was just about to commit a very serious crime, when the phone rang. He picked it up, and when he heard it was me, he knew that God was giving him a way to escape serious trouble. He was visibly shaken up. He told me that someday he would tell me the whole story. I took the opportunity to tell him the gospel, asking him if Jesus was calling the shots in his life. He was very sincere. I went on to tell him the story of Zaccheus from Luke 19 and asked him if was ready to repent and believe. His eyes welled, “I’m ready.”
Since that time he has continued to struggle, but I believe that good seed has been planted that will produce a harvest of righteousness. God is intervening in his life.

One night I took a walk and while I was walking thought I heard God say, "Take a right." I kept walking while I mused, “Was that God?” Again, I felt like He said, "Take the alley and go back to the street on the right." I took the alley and got back to the street where I felt like God told me to take a right and ran across two gentlemen, one who had a broken leg. I ended up talking to them and sharing my testimony. They were both impacted by the testimony and had lots of questions. The one with the broken leg said, "It's hard to believe miracles."
"Oh, yeah?" I said, "What about your foot, what happened?" He said he got in a car accident. "Does it hurt right now?" I asked.
He said, "Yes."
"Ok, well if I pray for you and the pain goes away then you know God does miracles right?"
He said, "Ok, yeah." I asked if I could put my hand on his leg and prayed.
"How's it feel?"
"It still hurts"
"Can I pray, again?"
"Sure." I put my hand on his leg and prayed again. I looked up, and his eyes were huge.
"It's psychology! It's psychology!"
"What's psychology? Is the pain gone in your leg?"
"It's because I saw you do it! It's all in my brain!" He exclaimed. He refused to believe it even though God had set him up. I laughed.
"Ok, I won't call it a miracle until you check it out, but if you find out your leg isn't broken anymore you'll know God did a miracle for you."
"Ok, yeah, that's right." He nodded. He looked strangely relieved. I went on to share the gospel with both of them, we had a long conversation.

Jesus seeks the lost. We are His body.  He stretches out His hands to find and gather His lost children. He sends us with the Good News of the Gospel to every corner of the Earth and to the neighbor across the street. As we connect to the Head, who is Christ, we, His body, find the direction we need to reach the world around us. This month was full of supernatural direction as God sought His lost sheep through willing vessels. Even more testimonies of supernatural direction continue in the rest of the newsletter. God is able to lead and guide us and He knows where every one of us is. If we listen with obedient hearts, He will send us into the action.

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