Monday, December 23, 2013

My 2014 Bible Reading Plan

Each year I make a new plan for how I will read the Bible in the coming year. My plan for 2014 is simpler than usual. I will read the Gospels and Acts 30 times in the coming year and read the whole Bible at least once.

I've been inspired by Jeff Sundell a missionary who I have learned so much from. His training in T4T and Church Planting Movements has changed my life and ministry. He recounted that while he was a missionary in Asia he read the Gospels and Acts 30 times per year with a specific eye to understand how Jesus made disciples and planted churches. I will be engaging in a similar project, which an upcoming post will describe. I read the Epistles frequently without any external motivation, but I usually only read the Gospels and Acts a couple of times per year. With this reading plan, I will be reading ten chapters of the Gospels and Acts everyday.

I will be using the daily reading plan in the back of the Single Column Journaling Bible and the following checklists to maintain my reading.


  1. I'm glad you've settled on a Bible reading plan, I still weighing up the pros and cons of several... though I've only got a few hours until 2014 starts! But did you say you'd read Gospel and Acts 30 times (!) as well as the whole Bible once (!). Dude, that's a lot of reading. Usually I follow a chronological reading plan and get the whole shebang done in a year, but I was hoping for something different for 2014. I dunno which one yet. I was thinking of maybe focusing on the NT only and reading it over and over (taking/making notes etc), but I'm a creature of habit and sticking to the tried and true chrono-plan is tempting. It's doing my head in.

    1. Happy New Year!!!

      Well I decided to go with the tried and tested chronological reading plan with the addition of going through the NT every three months (obviously that's 4 times in the year). Works out to be approx 6 chapters/day - not too much, not too little. Last year (2013) I read the whole Bible aloud, which was quite rewarding and has become second-nature to me now. I try to introduce something new every year to mix things up and improve the experience.