Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My 2013 Bible Reading Project

As you can see I have been busy keeping up with my Bible reading Goals for 2013. I originally planned to keep track of my Bible reading on these checklists, highlighting them in yellow for the first read and then marking them with a pen on subsequent reads. I quickly lost track on the New Testament, especially 1 John, which I probably read over 30 times this year. I read the New Testament three times, the Gospels much more than that and most of the epistle more than that. I only read Revelation three times, and I still have the book of Ezekiel to read before the end of the year in the Old Testament. In the midst of this reading I carried out a number of projects which I haven't posted here, such as reading through the Gospels highlighting verses on intimacy with God, and others. I didn't accomplish all my goals for 2013, but I came close and there is still some time left to finish. How are you doing?

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