Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jesus Heals of Cancer (November 2013 Newsletter)

On October 27th, Sunday night I was ministering with Art Thomas in Otisville, Michigan. Art is a traveling evangelist and the president of WMI, the missions organization I serve full time as a Ministry Associate. When I met Art, I had just seen my third friend die of cancer after praying intensely for their healing. I was distraught. I prayed and asked God for help, asking specifically that God would send me to an evangelist with a healing ministry who heard God’s voice and was 30 or younger to mentor me. One month later I read Art’s book The Word of Knowledge in Action and found out he lived 40 minutes away from me. God has knit us together, and many of my greatest joys in ministry are of serving Art and the body of Christ.
That night Art taught on supernatural life in Jesus and another ministry partner and I were praying for people for physical healing. As I was moving in between people, a woman touched my shoulder and asked, “Would you pray for my husband before he leaves?”
“Absolutely!” I answered and followed her to a back corner of the church where her husband sat uncomfortably. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I have cancer.” He answered.
“OK.” I placed my hand on his shoulder and prayed a very simple prayer that took a few seconds. “Try that out. Do you notice any change?” He shook his head “no.” “What kind of cancer is it?” I asked. He and his wife told me that he had cancer in both lungs and was in severe pain, which is why he was about to leave the service. The pain was so intense, he was about to go home and take a pain pill. He was on Dilantin, which is the equivalent of morphine, every three hours. Knowing that he had pain in that moment, I prayed again believing that Jesus would touch his body and that we would know because the pain would leave. It was a short, simple prayer, this time addressing the cancer in the lungs. “How’s that?” I asked. His eyes grew wide.
“Wow, that’s way better!”
“No more pain?” I asked.
“It’s way better!” he exclaimed. His wife began praising the Lord.
“Are you 100%?” I asked.
“I don’t know, but it’s way better!”
“Ok, well let’s pray again to make sure you’re 100%,” I said, putting my hand back on his shoulder. I prayed a couple more times as their joy and excitement grew. After a minute he was nodding his head emphatically that all the pain was gone. His wife began dancing across the aisle, tears streaming down her face as she shouted praise to God.
“I have to tell somebody!” Her husband exclaimed, moving out of his seat to find someone he knew to tell. Only in that moment did it settle in me what this meant to them. I shouted for joy and did my own dance in the aisle. What an awesome Father we have who loves us and restores life to His children.
I checked in with the family about a week later, and they were both still overcome by the joy and love of God. All pain had left that night, and he recovered his energy and his appetite. Food tasted good to him again; he was symptom free. He had gone to the doctor and emphatically told the story to the nurses and the doctor, explaining that he didn’t need medication or chemotherapy anymore. While I would love a medical report, he doesn’t want to go through anymore testing and is content to know he is whole. I rejoice over what Jesus does, not because of any of our works or merit, but simply because of grace through faith.
Today I hunger even more to see the love, righteousness, and kingdom of God burst forth into people’s lives. His power is real. He loves us.

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