Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jots and Tittles May 2013

Jots and Tittles is a little thin this month. I have been busy about my Father's business, traveling, preaching, leading organic churches and having fun with Jesus. Hopefully next month will have a more thorough collection of links.

Review of Brunn’s “One Bible, Many Versions: Are All Translations Created Equal?” by Chuck Huckaby

Menno Simmons on the Authority and Inerrancy of Scripture - Sermonindex

'The Bible' hit TV series to become a movie - Fox News

Have Bible Reading Apps Changed Your Bible Reading Habits? - BibleGateway Poll

Interpretation-Shmerpretation - Prodigal Thought

The ESV is Gender Neutral Too - Derek Oullette

Despise Not the Megachurch - Justin Long

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