Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jots and Tittles June 2013

(Picture from DIY Conversion: Chopping the Margins Off an ESV Journaling Bible)
How do people read love letters? They read the whole letter, every word, all the way through, and then they read it again and again. They even smell the letter, wanting to consume every part of it. They may even take it with them in their coat pocket or purse, so that if they end up waiting for a bus or in line at the bank, they can take it out and read it again.
We must begin to see God's Word as a personal love letter that God has written to us. It's not just an instruction manual. When something goes wrong, we turn to the troubleshooting section (the concordance) to find the text that addresses our problem, and then we read just that paragraph divorced of context, flow, and unity of thought.

-Neil Cole, Ordinary Hero p. 113-114

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