Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jots and Tittles April 2013

The Bible makes good on all its claims, including its truth claims. God's Word never leads astray. - Kevin Vanhoozer

State of the Bible in 2013 Infographic - Everyday Theology

My Anxiety with Chronological Bibles - Baker Bookhouse Church Connection

What you Look for in the Bible - Biblegateway Blog

A New New Testament Are You Serious? - Daniel Wallace

How Literal is the NASB? - Baker Bookhouse Church Connection

When the NIV is More Literal than the NASB and ESV - Baker Bookhouse Church Connection

Getting Stuck in the Inerrancy of Scripture - Theology Network

NIV more Popular than the KJV - Christian Post

Five Myths about Bible Translation - Parchment and Pen

Fifteen More Myths about Bible Translation - Parchment and Pen

What's Wrong with Grace? - Mike Bickle

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