Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Bible Reading Disciplines

Once again, I am starting off the new year with some disciplined plans to read and study the Word. I often make these plans and then deviate to some extent from them later in the year; however, my deviations never stop me from reading the Bible. I just tend to prefer to do things in the spur of the moment. I often wake up thinking, "I feel like reading Zechariah, today," or something similar. I know that sounds holy, but it's true. I often supplement a basic reading discipline, such as a goal to read ten or more chapters per day (one that I've loosely held to since I first got saved) with Seinfeld calendar plans, audio Bibles, different translations, highlighting and note-taking projects, etc.

This year I'm starting off with deviations in mind. I won't be following a strict reading plan. Instead I'll have a set of loose goals and a set of firm goals.

I have a loose goal of reading ten or more chapters per day. This is a loose goal because I know some days will be extremely busy, and I'll rush through an epistle, while other days I'll have time to really sit down and study. This is a good goal as well because I can incorporate different projects, plans, and Bibles into it without missing a beat.

I have a firm goal of reading the whole Bible at least once and the New Testament multiple times. For this goal I'll be using the Bible checklist. I will highlight chapters as I read them and then use a different notation to mark them off every subsequent reading. I know my reading habits well enough to anticipate that I'll probably read the Old Testament once this year, and the Epistles all several times.
I have a loose goal of reading the New Testament aloud. I love reading the Bible aloud, and I will attempt to read the Psalms and the New Testament aloud this year, but this isn't easy for every environment, and I'll be flexible for travel and schedule interruptions.

I plan to revisit Scripture by Heart by Joshua Choonmin Kang for inspiration and tips for memorization.

I plan to read the Bible in discovery Bible Studies with others. DBS has become an important part of my Bible reading and evangelism as well as my discipleship as a whole.

I hope to be studying the Bible in Bangla by the end of the year. This is an ambitious goal, but I'm attempting to study Bangla twelve hours per week, and in the end I'd like one hour or less of that to be reading and reciting the Bible in the language of Bangladesh.

What are your reading disciplines for the New Year? Comment and let me know.

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