Saturday, September 22, 2012

Discovery Bible Study Part 3 - Individual

Read Discovery Bible Study Part 2 - Method first.

The Discovery Bible Study method is inextricably linked to evangelism and discipleship. Its greatest success is in group practice, where accountability, group inspiration, and discussion are part of the Spirit moving in the text. However, Discovery Bible Study can be a powerful component of individual study and devotional life. It is designed to activate believers in sharing and doing the Word by creating an approach to Bible study that necessitates sharing the text that you read with someone and fulfilling an "I Will" obedience statement appropriated from the teaching of Scripture. For many, this will be the most aggressive approach to obeying Scripture they've ever taken. 

The intention of sharing what you read every time you approach Scripture creates a compass in daily life where sharing Scripture becomes a priority.It makes evangelism and Christian fellowship a significant part of Bible study in a way that I have never seen before. You leave the Bible with the intention of sharing what you've just read with someone (a believer or unbeliever). This becomes a highly effective habit and can even create routines and hunger from those around you as "Today I read in the Bible. . ." becomes a normal and expected part of conversation.

In addition to the potent obedience and evangelism components of the study, the rewriting of Scripture benefits memorization and careful rereading of the text as does putting the text "in your own words." While these components may seem basic and simplistic, I don't know many readers who make a regular practice of this outside of us who practice Discovery Bible Study on a regular basis. As you can see above, this can create a significant amount of meditation just by going through the writing process. These pictures are of one my evangelism partner's personal DBS three column study sheets.

Picking a simple list of short passages to go through with the DBS method on a daily or weekly basis can radically change your life. For many Christians sharing a passage of Scripture and fulfilling the Word in a deliberate way once a week will be a powerful change in their life. Discovery Bible Study can activate this as a lifestyle in a believer, and it can accomplish this without lengthy training, curricula or extraneous materials. A Bible, a pen, a piece of paper, and a willing heart are all you need. 

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