Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blogging, Missions, and Revelation: The Future of Bible Reading Project

You may have noticed that lately Bible Reading Project has drifted out of its niche of "creative, inspiring, and exciting methods of interacting with God's Word and with His Son Jesus Christ" into an emphasis on evangelism, missions, and cross-cultural ministry. This is a major mistake in blogging. Failing to stay in your niche is supposedly sure to lose and alienate readers as they receive content in which they have little interest. I'm very much aware of this conventional wisdom for how to handle one's self in the blogosphere, and I am still as passionate as ever about God's word and finding new ways of interacting with it; however, my life as a missionary and my passion for evangelism and making disciples is rapidly consuming my time and encroaching upon every aspect of my life. That is reason to rejoice!

The Lord is blessing me and making me fruitful in ways that blow my mind. In the last week I've proclaimed the Good News to many, studied God's Word with many, and led one person out of darkness and into the light of Christ! Praise God for a young man who was radically born again and has left his old life behind for new life in Christ!

As missions, evangelism, and disciple-making take more and more of my heart, mind, and time, I'll be writing more on those topics. I hope this will greatly enrich the blog and bring more of an obedience and discipleship focus to the subject of Bible study, but at times it may not fit with the expected output of BibleReadingProject. I will try to keep most of my missions stories and writing over at the blog on my new personal site, but there will be some convergence here (there already has been quite a bit). I can't be sure that I'll maintain the same output at all though. This is only a blog. There are people who are lost, saved, and newly born again who are a part of my life that I'm called to minister to. People are the only thing you can invest in that lasts forever. If it comes down to them or the blog, I will choose them.

Some of you may have noticed that I have posted a number of book reviews here that fall more into the genre of missions and ministry literature than Bible study. This is because I often receive review copies for free in exchange for a review. These review copies are available because of the traffic this blog receives, and many of these books have enriched my life and ministry. The current Bible Project series on Discovery Bible Study was inspired by one of these books and it has become one of the most personally transforming Study methods I've used. I will be continuing this series soon, so stay posted.

A final point would be that evangelism and missions will radically change the way you read the Bible and it may radically change your theology. Reading the Bible with unbelievers, new believers, and with those who have had no contact with it before will draw out new revelations about how incredible Jesus really is. Bible stories gain even more savor and richness as you see people respond to them in powerful ways, and as God begins to move. There's nothing to jar you into a new realization of God's goodness like seeing multiple people miraculously healed at the same time! Or if you run into people from other cultures who have questions about encounters with Jesus in dreams and visions. Or if you yourself are guided to a seeker by supernatural revelation. Evangelism and missions is so often where the presence of God remains and where the action is. The Word comes alive!

I plan to keep writing here, and I hope you keep reading. I hope the blog inspires you not only to read the Bible in new ways, but to do the Bible in new ways. I hope it makes you want to go out and read the Bible with someone who doesn't know Jesus. I hope it makes you want to introduce the God of the Bible, the Jesus of the Bible who lives and is the same yesterday, today, and forever, to someone who doesn't know Him. Thank you for reading. The best is yet to come!


  1. The new emphasis is great. I also thoroughly enjoy the city team stuff. I've been looking for something like that for awhile.