Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interactive Cross Reference Visual

The geniuses over at have outdone themselves once again with a massive interactive visualization of Bible Cross References. This is way too good not to share. I quote their post and project below, but by all means head over to OpenBible and check out their amazing work. There are plenty of cool projects to keep you absorbed.

Re-visualizing Cross References (Interactively)
Browse this grid interactively.
Visit an interactive visualization of Bible cross references.
This visualization is arranged by book, showing cross-reference sources on the y-axis and targets on the x-axis. Within each square, the first verse in the book or section is at the top, and the last verse is at the bottom. Here’s what a detail of a square looks like:
Cross references between Genesis and Daniel
Genesis 1 is at the top left; Genesis 50 is at the bottom left. Daniel 1 is at the top right; Daniel 12 is at the bottom right. The most-striking cross references between these two books, to me, involve Joseph’s interpretation of dreams in Genesis 40-41 and similar stories in Daniel.
Also see a previous cross reference visualization.

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