Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2011 Giveaway

I'm giving away a book over at rawministryblog: a new blog I'll be keeping for journaling my mission work and studies surf over, check it out and enter to win. The following is a quote of the contest rules. You can't enter by commenting on this post. Comment on the post at rawministryblog to enter.

This month's giveaway is a book that has inspired and challenged me in ministry and in life. Its statistics are somewhat outdated now, but the message is just as fresh, relevant and provoking.
Revolution!: The Call to Holy Warby Michael L. Brown

Enter by subscribing and following through Google or Networked Blogs (Facebook), and commenting on this post. Every comment on this post is an entry, so you can enter over 100 times if you wish! If you post the giveaway on a blog, comment with the link and every pingback will be an entry! I will randomly select a winner and send the book out at the end of the month.
Why give away books? It helps spread the messages and works that the Lord has used to inspire me in life and ministry. It helps spread passion and zeal for the work. It helps get the message out about raw ministry, this blog and the needs of Hamtramck. Many of the books will be ones I've received for free or extra copies that I have on hand, or simply books that I feel are important enough that they need to be disseminated to the body of Christ at large.


  1. Michael L. Brown is an wesome writer and thanks for amasone to Provide the version of Revolution Thanks .. .. ..
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  2. Thanks for the comment, but make sure to go over and comment on for an entry. This post is just a poster for the giveaway. Entries must be made at