Monday, September 26, 2011

Illuminating Look Inside One Translation Decision

The Biblical World posted this absolutely fascinating clip, which features a brief edited compilation of the ESV Bible Translation committee discussing the word "slave." This is a rare an interesting treat (if you have quick eyes you can spot J.I. Packer looking sagely and aloof).

The Biblical World has a lengthy post discussing the video so I will redirect you there with a quotation from the source:

 I discovered through facebook that the BBC recently aired a program titled: When God spoke English: The making of the King James Bible. The program is part of the international celebration of the KJV’s 400th anniversary. Unfortunately, the program is not yet available in North America.Part of the program features a 5 minute clip of the ESV committee working at Tyndale House. The topic of the committee’s discussion is how to translate the word slave in the Bible. Pete Williams, warden of Tyndale House, was kind enough to direct me to a youtube clip of the committee’s discussion. It provides a brief look at how translation committees work on difficult issues. I have placed the clip below and then would like to make a few remarks in response to some of the comments made.

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