Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jots and Tittles August 2011- 1.1

A few more things popped up after the last post that I felt I should round up as well, so enjoy the first Jots and Tittles 1.1 post.

The great Mark Bertrand has written a brief post on Marking Up Your Bible, inviting comments and discussion, which is where some of the real treasure lies. Surf over and join the discussion and let everyone know how you mark your Bible and what the best tools are for doing so. You can get even more discussion at the Bible Design Blog Facebook page which is a treasure trove of daily Bible-nerdiness.

Baker Bookhouse Connection features an intriguing new edition: The Complete Jewish Bible and NIV Bible Side by Side Reference Edition.

The Biblical World recommends an upcoming book on finding your way through biblical studies. Though it's designed for undergraduate students, it looks like it may be an excellent resource for all. 

Studies in Scripture features a post that's right up our alley: Marking Your Bible Without Marking the Text.

 I have linked to Studies in Scripture frequently and a reader brought up a concern that this is a Oneness Pentecostal site. Randy Brown, the author of Studies in Scripture, is a Oneness Pentecostal and not bashful about it. While I emphatically believe that God is one, I do not subscribe to oneness theology, specifically where it relates to the gospel. I firmly believe that the Father turned His back on the Son as Jesus became sin and endured the wrath of God for us. In spite of this major theological disagreement, I consider Randy a brother in the Lord and admire his zeal for scripture and the boldness of his convictions. I have not had interaction with other Oneness Pentecostals, and I understand people's concern with reports of legalistic and cultic behavior. I do not feel the need to address Oneness Pentecostalism as a movement or as a theological whole. My recommendations to Randy's writing is based on my evaluation of his work and my relationship with him as an individual. I thank God that we are not judged by our theological correctness but by the expression of our love and faith in Christ Jesus our Lord. He is the judge, not you or I. I know Randy would appreciate dialogue on his site, where he features numerous posts on his theology and fields comments, questions, dialogue and debate. It is a pleasure to partner with Randy in mutual encouragement and passion for the Word.

Crossway features a Burtonesque (I think I hear Danny Elfman) advertisement for their new ESV Grow! Bible.


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