Friday, July 8, 2011

Jots and Tittles July 2011

This month's edition of Jots and Tittles has tons of content and free resources so be sure to take your time to browse through the links.

You will be tremendously blessed by checking out One Time Blind. Their work is below.

If you're a Facebook user, think about joining Networked Blogs (especially if you have a blog) and following the blog, my followers are a little low.

Cambridge publishes a truly unique new edition: the KJV Transetto:


Read Bible Design Blog's review and Bible Buying Guide's review.


Bible Buying Guide features an excellent introduction to Bible Study.

I'm about to finish FIRE School of Ministry's video on demand class on Principles of Holiness.

The Bible faces blasphemy charges in Pakistan.

An excellent article on "How to Pray for Israel and the Middle East" from Real Messiah.

A phenomenal set of links to classic and contemporary Christian Literature available for free as E-books.

Revival or Riots features a verse collection of "Every Example of Healing in the New Testament."

One of the books I'm currently reading:


  1. Although I appreciate the point of this skit (a genuine faith in Christ is a trusting faith in Christ, no matter what the circumstances). I don't appreciate how this skit makes Jesus appear to more of a "coach" than what He truly is: Lord. The Lordship of Christ must never be sacrificed for anything, even to be "cool, hip and happening".

  2. Hrrm, I understand what you mean, but Jesus also forces no one to do anything, and He does relate to us as a loving friend and brother even while being the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I was not put off by the characterization of Jesus. Thanks for the comment.