Friday, June 10, 2011

Greek and English Interlinear Giveaway (scientia et sapientia)

Marc Cortez over at Scientia et Sapientia is giving away Bill Mounce's Greek and English Interlinear so surf over and enter for this great study tool.

This is a totally different kind of interlinear. It has the standard two translations running down the side of each page (NLT and TNIV), and down the middle is the Greek text and a new English translation. Below each word is also its parsing and its GK number.
  • The Greek text is unique in that it shows many of the variations reflected in modern English translations
  • The translation is actually readable. Due to some typographical innovations, this interlinear maintains Greek word order but the translation itself also makes sense. It is an excellent tool for young Greek students to see how an experienced translator (Robert Mounce) works with the language
  • The parsing explains the Greek form
  • The GK numbers allow someone who does not know Greek to be able to discover the Greek word lying behind the translation and find its meaning in a Greek-English dictionary such asMounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
  • A basic Greek dictionary

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