Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Your Dream Bible

Randy just posted a great article over at Bible Buying Guide describing his dream Bible. This is something many of us have spent time thinking about and publishers have yet to satisfy most of us. Hop over and comment on the article and let us know what your thoughts are and if you have a dream Bible in mind. I have a few. I'm still waiting for my KJV/Amplified parallel interleaved edition. . .


  1. For me the perfect Bible would be one that has a remarkably fresh and innovative translation reflecting the latest God honoring scholarship while sounding reassuringly traditional whenever desired! Obviously the two are unlikely to be found together, but you asked! :)

  2. King James Version and Young's Literal Translation parallel or perhaps HCSB and YLT parallel. Wide Margined. Neither is really my dream Bible but they'd be nice.