Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Extra Bibles?

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Do you have some extra Bibles lying around? Maybe some that are well-read but you've replaced with a fresher copy? Bible Senders helps connect individuals with those in need of Bibles and welcomes donations of any extra Bibles you have lying around. While I have not yet used Bible Senders, they may get a shipment from me very soon. There is a desperate urgency for Bibles all over the world. Our affluence and abundance puts us in a unique position to reveal the generosity of God to the rest of the world.

Bible Senders - The Place to Get Free Bibles and Donate Free Bibles to others...  
Help spread the "Good News" worldwide by putting new, used or old bibles back to work! If you are like many Christians, you probably have 3, 4 or 5 extra bibles in different translations and languages, just lying around collecting dust.  Here is a chance to put those used bibles back to work and help fulfill the Great Commission in Mark 16:15.  Join Bible as we work to send bibles all over the world and give them "Free Of Charge" to anyone who can't afford a bible and wants to hear the good news!  
Imagine, not having your own bible to read...Today, as you read this, there are still literally millions of people around the world who have yet to hear the Almost Too Good To Be True News.  Together, your family and mine, we can make a difference.  
What you can do...Send us new bibles, your used bibles and / or old bibles.  You can buy new ones online, purchase some at the store, find them at garage sales, do a bible drive in your church or get them from your friends and relatives as there is a huge need for bibles in any version and in every language .  Once you get one or a few  bibles, send them to us and we put them into the hands of individuals and missionary groups not only here in the United States but all around the world.  So, come on, share the love, get off your duff and send us your dusty bibles and get to work fulfilling the Great Commission in Mark 16:15!  
What we will do...When we receive your extra bibles, we ship them or hand deliver them into the hands of those who ask, "Free Of Charge" its as simple as that!    If you are a Christian missionary out in the trenches preaching biblical truths, a Christian who can't afford a study bible or a Non Believer who is asking; "Is God real" and "If he is,  how does Jesus fit in the the story?"  We will send you a free bible to help you with your biblical studies and finding God's bible promises

For more information on the scarcity of Bibles check out this article from VOM. They have numerous articles on the need for the Bible around the world and in persecuted churches.

Statistics for VOM's Bibles Unbound program.


  1. You have been been used by the Lord to confirm this 'stirring in my heart' to give away my older bibles! Thank you!

  2. Does this ministry have a European branch?

  3. Sorry, but I don't think they do. The only address I found was in Florida.