Monday, April 4, 2011

Jots and Tittles, (Giveaways & New Poll)- April 2011

The results for last month's poll are in:

How Important is the King James Version?

It is the only accurate English translation
  10 (14%)

It is the best English translation
  3 (4%)

It is an excellent translation and should be read by all.
  7 (10%)

It is an excellent translation and should be read by those who can.
  16 (23%)

It is a vital piece of history and still a valid translation option.
  28 (41%)

It is a vital piece of history but no longer accurate.
  4 (5%)

It is history, but no longer relevant.
  0 (0%)
It is a bad translation.
  0 (0%)
It is irrelevant.
  0 (0%)

I apologize to the last six voters; there was an error with Blogger's widget and the last six votes were lost, leaving a total of 68 votes. I was surprised to see so many KJV only voters, but my experience is that the KJVO position is much more vocal in its convictions, and hence is more likely to vote on a poll, whereas current blog trends state that only about 1% of readers will actually vote on polls. Thanks to all the voters!

This month's poll: Who is Your Favorite Bible Publisher? Vote on the sidebar! If you mark "Other" please comment on the post and let me know who I forgot. I've been blessed to receive review copies from most if not all of the publishers listed.

I'm giving away a KJV TakeNote Bible, so be sure to enter here!

Unsettled Christianity is giving away some books on hermeneutics and exegesis so surf over and enter!

If you're interested in my activities as a missionary in Detroit and my involvement in Muslim ministry, read my April Newsletter and check out

If you would like to see one small piece of what I'm studying, I'm going through Zac Poonen's series on Revelation.

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