Monday, April 11, 2011

Bible Storytelling: Voice of the Martyrs-Jesus He Lived Among Us


Voice of the Martyrs is currently creating an evangelical animated film designed to be distributed around the world and, as always with VOM, as a service to the persecuted church.

Jesus: He Lived Among Us is an animated film based on the life of Christ, as told through the eyes of his last surviving disciple. It is a film created with the persecuted church in mind.
The Voice of the Martyrs is seeking partners who will help us distribute and translate the film into multiple languages — with a particular focus on the languages of restricted and hostile nations.
All translations will be made available for free distribution around the world — a vital new tool for gospel workers, including those in the world’s most difficult places.

 The intro to the film can be watched here, where the script is also available. VOM is accepting donations to the project, and if you have a burden to see the film in a certain language, you can donate towards the translation and distribution of the film in that language through their newsletter (hopefully they'll have a portal to donating to the project through the internet soon).

Animated films and children's Bibles are good witnessing tools in hostile cultures and restricted nations because they are non-threatening and people do not feel that they are betraying their religion or culture by watching them. The film is designed to be culturally neutral, although the depiction of Jesus and some is fairly Anglo-Saxon. Preaching the gospel through a film narrative makes effective use of storytelling to teach the gospel, but also leaves room for missionaries and preachers to explain the doctrine behind the story. Gospel films have been effectively used by missionaries for a decade or so, and their effectiveness is increasing as projectors become cheaper and more portable.

The principles behind Bible Storytelling can have an acute effect on the presentation of the gospel. Are we assenting to doctrine or are we engaged in the narrative of the life of Christ? The gospel is the story of our salvation and our continuing life in Christ through His resurrection. We are renewed and regenerated, converted and changed, empowered and compelled by the life of Christ which was exchanged for ours, not only in death, but in a continuing life that will never cease. Living within this narrative and story is living within the reality of scripture.

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