Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bible Reading Project Anniversary Giveaway

With April comes the end of Bible Reading Project's first year. I have been greatly blessed by the success of the blog. What started spontaneously in a flurry of zeal and renewing passion for the Word of God has continued and progressed, maturing into an ongoing pursuit of God and heart knowledge of His word. The year has seen me graduate from college and go on to work as an Urban Missionary, evangelizing in the U.S.'s worst city and teaching and evangelizing Muslims and city youth with the Bible multiple times a week. I have never been more excited by the Gospel or by the power of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. He still lights my heart aflame when I read the Word. My zeal has increased. My service has increased. My suffering has increased. I've never had such a season of hunger for God. I've never had so many needs pulling me away from time alone with Him and His Word. In these days the blog is a blessing and a challenge, as I find it constantly inspiring me and keeping me accountable to finding new ways to interact with scripture, while also distracting me from times when I should forsake the world to be with Jesus. All things in moderation. I hope that the blog has been a blessing to you. On the eve of the blog's first birthday I still find my first post and first project perhaps the best of Bible Reading Project. They encourage me that the Lord will always work to relight and rekindle the furious burning zeal of love within my heart for Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Messiah and the lover of my soul and for His Word, spoken by the Father and breathed and illumined by the Holy Spirit.

In celebration of Bible Reading Project's Birthday and the 400th anniversary of the King James Version, I am giving away one copy of the KJV Take Note Bible (see my review here). Please follow the instructions in filling out the form below. For each checkbox a specified number of entries will go into the giveaway with a maximum of 10 entries possible if you avail yourself of all the opportunities. The final opportunity involves submitting a picture of your favorite Bible to along with your first name and the name of the edition in the picture for the Bible Fan Gallery page. (Please respect my email address; I receive numerous emails requesting free Bibles, which I do not have the resources to give. I am a self-supporting urban missionary and this blog is part of my support. The giveaways are fun promotions; I can't give hundreds away.) If you post a link to the contest on your blog (3 entries) please comment on this post with the link. The giveaway will end on Friday April 8th at 8:00pm. Be honest, be zealous for the Word, and if you have been blessed by this blog, share it with others.



  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary!

  2. First.

    Thanks for a whole year of insightful and interesting posts.

    Second. I would've love to take part, but:
    a) the costs of sending the prize to Madrid would've been staggering.
    b) Thanks God I can afford to buy my own copy. Thus I hope it goes to someone really in need.

  3. Thanks Jesús. Yeah, I should have specified within the U.S. Thank you for being conscientious. You can still email me a picture of your Bible for the Gallery. Your encouragement means a lot.

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you have many more successful years.