Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Anniversary of the King James Version: New Poll

The blogosphere has been abuzz with the anniversary of the King James Bible and publishers are taking advantage of this momentous occasion with the release of numerous histories of the King James Bible, notable anniversary editions and a reemphasis on the Authorized Version. In case you were unaware, May 2nd 2011 marks the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible or the Authorized Version, which has remained the standard translation for all but the second half of the last century.

Though the NIV now outsells the KJV, the King James Bible is still consistently the second highest selling translation, and many view it as an excellent translation. A number of scholars highlight it as the most influential English text, and a some still state that it's a must read for all English speakers or English Bible readers. Some still argue that it's the best translation (King James preferred) and some argue that it is the only translation in English that is the true Word of God (King James only: you can check out some information on the debate at the KJV Only Debate Blog). In the light of its anniversary quite a lot of fanfare is being made, and the Bible is coming to the attention of some who wouldn't otherwise lift it. The King James Version is also being brought back into reading plans etc. in honor of the continuation of the King James tradition. For those with reasonable literacy, I would highly recommend reading at least the NT in the King James. The KJV is still my favorite translation of the Greek (though I don't read it nearly as much as I used to).

You can check out some of the great wealth of information being published about the King James at the links below:


I will be reviewing some notable new and classic King James editions this year (check out the KJV label), and I'd like to hear your response on how important the King James Bible is, which means. . . A NEW POLL! Look on the left sidebar and vote. Don't forget to comment on this post with additional thoughts.


  1. I love the KJV. It is literature at it's best.
    I also love all the misconceptions that are related to this wonderful text, misconceptions that would not take place if people simply read the translators preface to the reader (are you paying heed KJV only bloggers?)

    What I find a little bit irritating it's that another translation has been so neglected: the Geneve Bible.) The Geneve Bible is the one that the Pilgrims carried with them, a fact sadly ignored by many...

  2. I'm greatly interested in the Geneva Bible and I would like to dip into it myself. Perhaps if a publisher sent me a copy. . .

  3. The KJV is the Bible I grew up on. I hadn't read it for many years and recently picked up a copy. I plan to use it as my primary reading and Lectio Bible for the rest of 2011. It's been great fun reading it again. A beautiful translation that sticks with ya!

    Looking forward to more KJV review.