Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poll Results: How Often Do You Use Your Bible Maps

This months poll results reveal some startling trends! Most notably, a sharp decrease in votes from last month, though I suppose that makes sense in light of the brief hiatus at the end of the year. It seems as if there is a well proportioned spread of votes with 6% of people hardly aware of their Bible maps. The majority of 32% hardly ever use their maps while 25% do sneak a peek at them a few times a year. 12% look at them monthly and a whopping 22% look at their maps on a weekly basis. This confirms my suspicion that my readers tend to be diligent students. For those of you who haven't taken a look in quite a while, go look up Derbe! More about maps is coming soon and another poll will be up next week. Comment and let me know your ideas for a new poll or to comment on the results. I have much more to write about Bible maps, but I'll save it for a larger post.


  1. I can certainly appreciate a nice set of maps, but everyone knows that REALLY diligent students buy huge Bible atlases. ;)

  2. If only I had the diligence (or the cash). . . Actually the ESV Bible Atlas did tempt me for a while but the majority of it is already in the ESV Study Bible.