Monday, January 3, 2011

New Bible Disciplines in the New Year

I must thank all of you as readers for your patience with the lack of posts at the end of 2010. Holiday madness set in with outreaches and many other commitments that swept away the days. I'm blessed to be returning from a greatly needed rest and refocus. I hope to enter the new year with many interesting projects, and as always I have great plans for future posts. My prayer has always been that this site would not be merely a hobby or an outlet for me but a genuine aid and inspiration to the body of Christ. In the midst of a whirlwind urban mission, my responsibilities and commitments to the pressing needs of the body here in Hamtramck may overwhelm the blog from time to time, but I hope my hiatuses will be short and I know that God will honor my desire to be faithful to his primary calling for this moment which is to share the gospel with all the corners of the globe that are represented in my city.

I hope you are blessed and refreshed in the new year and ready to approach the Bible with a fresh zeal and sense of adventure, perhaps even open to a few new study projects and a lot more revelation from the Holy Spirit. If you need a new reading plan for the new year surf back to the Reading Plans I've posted in the past or check out Zondervan's Reading Plan page. The change in the calendar can be an opportunity for a change of heart and mind, habits and disciplines. I'm trusting God for a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ in the future and greater strength in my personal walk and in ministry. Greater glory is yet to be seen in our God.

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