Monday, January 24, 2011

Bible Reading Plan Generator

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I'm sure this post comes a little late considering that the new year has already started and many are already committed to reading plans, but this resource is just too good to pass up. This nifty piece of software will actually create a custom Bible Reading Plan in just about any way that you want. That's right, you can finally make that one week rush through the prophets you've always dreamed about, or that three month meditation on the works of John, or maybe even a one month blitz through the Old Testament. This software has a large list of abbreviations which it uses to break down the Biblical books by genre or several other categories such as the Pentateuch or Post and Pre-Historical etc. You simply plug in what group of books you desire and the amount of time you want to spend on the plan. Below is the generation of a 30 day plan for the Prophets. 

The book abbreviations and predefined book lists are available in a concise help window and it allowes you to mix and match any number of groups and books as you like. Maybe you want to compare the Pentateuch with Hebrews every month: now you can in an orderly fashion.

The generator outputs the readings in small, one day intervals formatted in a basic text window which you can copy and paste into Microsoft Word and print for your convenience. This may be somewhat nerdy, but I have had a lot of fun mixing and matching plans. You can download the Bible Reading Plan Generator absolutely free here.

The generator does have some limits. It doesn't have the versatility to create a plan as complex as Dr. Horner's. It orders the readings by book according to how they are listed in the input window. If you want to alternate books from day to day or books within a day's reading, you will have to alter the results manually. Overall this is a fun and practical resource that will certainly come in handy for the Bible lover and can be integrated into a number of projects. Thanks to Levi from the Bible Design Blog Facebook page for the recommendation.


  1. I'd love to improve it further, but am wanting to spend the time in ways that are helpful. What features would make this even more useful? What are the limitations that you'd like to see go away?

    (The link to that Facebook page would be interesting too!)

  2. Whoa Mr. Oakley, you found this post pretty quickly! If you haven't checked out Bible Design Blog (, you should. The Facebook page works as a forum for the blog: I think the program is great as it is. It's simple streamlined. It might be nice to be able to read portions of books per day. For instance read 1 Chapter of Acts, the Epistles, The Prophets etc. per day. So readings are divided by say 10 chapters a day in different books or genres.

  3. I couldn't download this! Is there another upload?

  4. I figured I'd find an answer moments after posting that. Future readers: Don't click on the attachment, it hates you.