Monday, December 6, 2010

Poll Results: Double or Single Column Format?

The poll is closed on the Double or Single Column preference query. A total of fifty readers voted (many thanks for making the blog a more interactive place and encouraging me as the author) and about 52% wanted (to varying degrees) Single Column format for their Bibles a much lesser 16% wanted Double Column. In-between those two sat 32% who either didn't care or enjoyed both formats. The biggest stat was the 28% who preferred Single Column Bibles while the smallest stat was the 4% who "Loved" the Double column format. It seems as if publishers have missed the mark when it comes to this reading audience- or are Single Column lovers just more militant? A new poll should be up later this week, comment on this post to give me poll ideas (I have a list of them somewhere but right now I'm drawing a blank.)

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