Monday, December 13, 2010

New Poll: How Often Do You Use Your Bible Maps?

Apart from some perusal when the Bible is first acquired and the occasional reference when reading Acts, my guess is that most people are not familiar with the maps in the back of their Bible. How often do you use them in study? Are they a vital resource? Can you live without them? Do you only look at them when you're bored during a sermon? Vote on the poll on the left sidebar and let us know. Comment on this post and share your thoughts.


  1. Will you believe that the maps at the back is one of the features that might tip the balance when deciding which edition of a translation to buy and then I hardly even look at them?



  2. I use my Bible maps...maybe twice a year on average.

    The Bible maps seem to be more important to me when the Bible is new or when trying to decide which high-end (read:expensive but well built) Bible to buy.