Monday, November 1, 2010

NIV Update Online Today

The New International Version has an update coming out in 2011, but the text has been officially released on and You can read the press release below and start saving to buy a  hard copy later in the year. From what I've read and what's been said the NIV 2011 is 95% NIV 1984, 2-3% TNIV, and 2-3% new translation.

Check out an interview with the Chair of the Committee for Bible Translation.

Check out the press release and the Translator's Notes.


  1. Have you seen any reviews of the updated text? I'd like to see some . . .

  2. Some initial thoughts from This Lamp

    Some Charts with comparisons to the NIV 84 and the TNIV

  3. I have added a link to an NIV Update review...