Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poll Results: How Often Do You Use a Concordance?

This poll did not receive a great turnout. As you can see A Few Times a Year and Almost Everyday tied at 23% of the vote (6 votes each) with Not Enough to Remember close behind. It seems that about a quarter of the readership uses a Concordance very frequently, while 42% infrequently. There was of course the notable outlier of the reader who was using one at the time of their vote. Hopefully the next poll will receive a better turnout.


  1. I do and I don't use a concordance. I rarely ever use an exhaustive concordance. Last time I did years ago it was an NASB exhaustive one (1977 NAS) with Strong's numbering.

    But these days I use e-sword to search English and Strong's numbers. That to me is a concordance! Just a digital one!

  2. Mission Lawrence has a good point there.

    The availability and ease of use of bible software makes a faster and more rewarding experience clicking a few keys in your cpu, android, iphone or pda than looking up the term in the reduced concordances at the end of the bible.

    Even when a concordance is combined with the a central column cross reference system is faster to just punch some keys in the keyboard.

    Perhaps the real incovinience is the huge ammount of results that can be misleading. Sometimes too much is as bad as too little.

  3. I actually consider the word search components of Bible software and net Bibles such as Bible gateway as digital concordances. It's basically the same concept and function in a program vs. on paper. I use Bible Gateway much more than I use a physical concordance, but I still chalk it up as a concordance.