Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Poll: Double Column or Single Column Layout

Double Column Bibles dominate the market and have tradition on their side, but the Single Column layout is on the rise and has a devoted following. Which do you prefer and why? Comment on this post to give me your opinions, rants, discussions, theses etc., and vote on the poll on the left, which will be up for about a month.


  1. I very much prefer a single column with room for writing on the side and a reasonably big type font. I'm old enough to remember the original single column NIV's which came out in 1984. While I never bonded with the translation, I definitely have that format come to mind when one asks about the best "single column layout".

  2. I prefer the double column format. For me it is easier to read. I think it is the narrow columns and the constant eye movement from left to right. I actually wish all books came in a two column format.

  3. Single column.

    My dream Bible would be a HSCB, wide margin, single column, with cross references on the inner side of the page. Paragraph format of course, and the words of Christ in black thank you very much.

    The only thing that comes close are the ESV study Bible, my Big Type Spanish Biblia de Jerusalén (the latest update of 2009, quite an strange edition becuase it comes with no notes whatsoever) and a cheap New Century Version in hardback.

  4. It depends on the format and application. If the font is relatively small I would rather have a double column. There is less space for your eye to wander. If the font is larger then a single column makes more sense.

  5. Both.

    One for actual book binding your own bible.
    Here I would use double column on both sides.
    See this site.
    The great thing about printing your own bible is that any page can be replaced.
    All you have to do is unlace the bible, replace the damages sheet and resew your bible back up.


    Single column for studies.
    This, I use the 3 three-ringed punch and the looseleaf method.
    I also use the Cornell Note System along side my bible.
    They work together great side by side.
    In the end of your study, you will have created your own personal commentary.