Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jim Lepage: Word Designs

One of the most exciting trends in the postmodern church culture is the new emphasis on visual representations of Biblical concepts. I tend to be on the side of old-fashion "foolishness of preaching" presentation, but I always appreciate the power of visual creativity and art, especially when it opens new understandings of God's word. Jim Lepage is a Christian graphic artist who is working on a series called Word, where he creates an original piece of artwork for every book of the Bible. His thematic and textual choices are often unusual and illuminating. His blog showcases a phenomenal (though off the wall) sense of humor, and his artwork reveals a thoughtful meditation on God's word. In his own words:
Basically, Word is a series where I create original designs for each book of the Bible. Before each design, I spend time researching the book, finding out the themes, historical context, weirdest stories, etc. I also scan through parts of the book looking for a passage or story that could translate into a cool design. Each design isn’t meant to completely represent the book, rather it is merely based on a passage from the book.
These designs are undeniably cool and I have tried to narrow down this post to my favorites, but as you can see, I have a lot of favorites. You have to surf over to http://jimlepage.com/word-designs/ and check out the whole series. His post on the creation of the series has some interesting insights on Bible literacy and motivation for reading God's word. Read the blog and while you're there and check out his gallery to purchase prints of the artwork.

You know I can't resist Jeremiah right now. This piece may show up randomly in upcoming Walkabout with Jeremiah posts.

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