Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memorizing the Ten Commandments with Vit Ryznar

Vit Ryznar is a graphic designer who's work I discovered through and more specifically through a recent post about using typography in Christian motion graphics. Check out this video featuring the Ten Commandments along with a cool graphic interpretation. You can use this video to memorize all ten. One statistic revealed that more than 60 percent of Americans can't name either half of the Ten Commandments or the four Gospels of the New Testament. Taking time to meditate on God's earliest principles may save us a lot of embarrassment here on earth and at the judgment seat of Christ. So many people make a fuss about the Ten Commandments not being in schools or public buildings, but most people don't follow them. Paul surely wasn't complaining about the Ten Commandments being absent from Roman schools or Roman government buildings. Let judgment start with the house of God. Let's get these into our hearts, knowing that we are compelled to obey the law of the spirit of life Romans 8:2.

The Ten Commandments - motion (kinetic) typography from Vit Ryznar on Vimeo.

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