Monday, July 26, 2010

66 Word Clouds

Bible study resources are rapidly being revolutionized by technology and the internet, and I think God has called a number of people after His heart to serve the church through technological expertise and creativity. The internet carries the gospel in ways (both good and bad) that first century Christians could not have imagined. A good friend of mine is involved in using his expertise as a computer programmer to bring Bible study resources and technological infrastructure to the church. He made me aware of a fascinating project by a Christian graphic designer which maps word frequency in all 66 books of the Bible and produces an image or Word Cloud, demonstrating frequency.

I may be a writing and literature nerd, but I find these fascinating on many levels and I think they can contribute greatly both to word studies, sermon illustrations and personal devotion. Jump over to Sixty-Six Clouds and grab the images. You can also buy the coffee table book or full size posters!

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