Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Hiatus

I am leaving tomorrow morning to spend the rest of the summer fulfilling God's call to mission work in Hamtramck, Michigan. Hamtramck is one of the worst areas of Detroit and a predominantly immigrant community. It's the only place in the USA where the Muslim call for prayer is heard five times per day. I'm blessed and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve in such a way, and my heart's desire is not to seek my own, but to be faithful to another man's work.

My internet access during the summer will probably be intermittent at best and I will have to suspend the blog for the moment. I have not lost interest or run out of ideas. I actually have a few posts already written and queued, and I still have a long list of ideas for posts. My hope is to return to posting later or perhaps post intermittently through the summer; however, it is in the Lord's hands. I knew when I started the blog that I would have to be able to drop it at His command, and I am glad to suspend it to move on to greater service. I hope to continue blogging in the future if the Lord wills.

I will be working with a truly God inspired and ordained organization called Acts 29. You can find more information about them by hitting the link at the bottom left of the blog. May God richly bless you.


  1. God bless you for your sacrificial giving!

    I'll be in prayer for you as you reach out to those in that community. I have followed you blog for a couple of months and enjoyed it, so I hope you come back after the summer.

    Again, God bless!


  2. Jonathan, I know God has some awesome plans.


  3. We'll be praying for you. I'm looking forward to your return.