Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Poll: Words of Christ in Red or Black

The new poll is up and open for voting (look left). Do you use a Red letter Bible or a Black letter Bible. Do you have a theological reason for your preference? Which version should publishers focus on? Lately I've read a number of things on both sides, and I think there's good reasoning behind both preferences.

Back in the day, Black letter was the norm. If you want to see how Red letter came about check out the history here and/or at the ESV Bible Blog.

My understanding is that Black letter is more popular with publishers in the UK and Red letter with publishers in the USA. Be sure to vote and comment on this post if you'd like to explain your preference. This poll will only last two weeks.
 image from Bibledesignblog


  1. When I was a kid I used a red letter Bible. When I got my first black letter Bible I noticed, for me it is easier to read with the lettering all one color. It is just a preference thing.

  2. I agree with Pastor Keven. I got a black letter Bible (without realizing it) and noticed that it was easier to read, So just a preference

  3. It doesn't matter and I can't really relate to a lot of things that a few say are obstacles (not preferences) in reading. I think I could still read it if it was in green letters. The binding and the text format and the paper and all that are nice, but its the content that matters and I'll take it over all the rest.