Saturday, May 22, 2010

Faith Comes by Hearing

Romans 10:17: the use of the word "hearing" doesn't often trouble us, but there's an entire branch of literary theory dedicated to weighing the power of the spoken word with the written word (logocentrism and phonocentrism). The spoken word's most valuable supporting text is in fact the Bible, which establishes an idea of Logos as the vessel for God's power. The connection between Christ and Logos, the Word, remains inescapable: John 1:1. God spoke creation into being; He spoke light and energy into existence and motion Genesis 1:3. The act of speech holds great power in the Bible Proverbs 18:21, James 3:6.

Taking the Bible as literally as possible (perhaps too literally) would necessitate the literal hearing of scripture as well as reading the Bible. This train of thought would encourage reading the Bible out loud, listening to sermons, going to church and ministry events and listening to an audio Bible. While I personally do not make a strong distinction between the necessity for literal hearing and the necessity of mentally hearing through silent reading and meditation, literally hearing the word of God aids memorization, boosts faith and can make the scripture a more visceral experience.

Faith Comes by Hearing is an evangelical ministry dedicated to the free distribution of audio Bibles and New Testaments in as many languages as possible. They currently distribute audio Bibles in 452 different languages to more than 152 different countries.

One of their ways of gathering support for their ministry is through the free distribution of English audio New Testaments. You can download a simple download manager and have access to 13 different English translations (and other languages) which are available for free download in MP3 format.

I've downloaded a number of versions and made a playlist of certain scripture I'm attempting to memorize. I burned a CD for my car and hope to recite the scripture along with the CD, which will help me memorize.

You can also buy versions from their store and other materials, which will help support their ministry, and of course you can donate.

Dollar Stores also tend to have Audio Bibles on CD and DVD (usually KJV) for $1 or perhaps a bit more if you want a more popular version (James Earl Jones would be nice). Most of us live in a nation that gives us the opportunity to be saturated with God's word. Check out Faith Comes by Hearing.

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  1. My family has been using Faith Comes by Hearing for years now. My dad has a form of dyslexia which prevents him from reading at a typical pace while still maintaining comprehension. I normally don't see him "reading" his Bible but he's listened through the New Testament about 8 times or more and the entire Bible about 4 or 5 times while driving around for work. Another leader in our church (who has since passed away) wasn't able read (a learning disorder I cannot remember the name of) but he was also able to study the Bible this way.

    However, I didn't know it was now available as a download. (We had to purchase the entire CDs sets.) Very good news!