Friday, April 9, 2010

Memorizing the Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes with Inspiks

"The Beatitudes...should be attitudes" is the common quip. They are one of the most quoted portions of scripture, and I should be living out these "attitudes" every day. They should define me; they should describe my heart on this earth. In spite of all this, I found myself struggling to paraphrase them all.

The Ten Commandments are much the same. God has asked me to love Him with obedience, I but when asked a few months ago to list the Ten Commandments I struggled to recite them while counting on my fingers. Sunday School hadn't stuck like I thought it had.

I want to know these words and hide them in my heart and let them change me. a Christian Graphic Design website has created a beautiful set of wallpapers featuring both the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments. They are free to download. I'm using them to memorize these crucial pieces of God's word.

Just set them as your desktop background (you can rotate them if you have Windows 7) and read and memorize every time you approach your computer. You can download both sets of wallpapers here.

Inspiks also features professional quality sermon art, church graphics, program and series logos, website graphics, and just about every kind of Christian graphic you can think of, all for free under the creative commons licensing.

They feature a number of wallpapers and graphics that can help memorization of individual scriptures. Keeping scripture around us and applying our mind and heart to it, can turn aesthetics such as desktop backgrounds into a way to keep the light on our path. I'll leave you with one of the Beattitudes that has given me the most hope in my Christian life: as rendered by Inspiks.

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